About Beth

Portrait or Personal Image - Beth W DeBor

Beth DeBor first took up photography in college, but her passion for it really took hold in 2010 when she bought her first digital camera.

Although her work covers many different subjects, the abstract image is of particular interest as it offers a solution to a challenge. Hampered by shaky hands in recent years due to essential tremor, she learned to work with the problem rather than fight it by using various camera movements and post-processing techniques to create beautiful, peaceful images that often leave the identity of the subject to the viewer's imagination.

In order to create non-abstract images, Beth uses a tripod whenever possible to stabilize the camera, allowing her to take crisp, well-composed photos that have earned honors in many photography competitions both locally and on the web.

When she is not taking photographs, Beth can be found making jewelry and pottery, spending time with her family and friends, or rooting for the Red Sox.


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